MCP Environmental are always looking for new talent to join our team.

MCP Environmental are an equal opportunities employer.

Please find list of current vacancies below:

Due to significant growth. MCP Environmental are seeking candidates for the following positions.

Please find brief descriptions below:

P402 or equivalent Qualified Asbestos Surveyor

  • To carry out all inspections activities in accordance with BS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and in-house procedures
  • To carry out all sampling strategies of asbestos containing materials in an appropriate and safe manner
  • To train junior site personnel to carry out their duties safely in accordance with current regulations and guidance
  • Liaise with the technical department
  • Conduct toolbox talks to outline site risks and employee responsibilities
  • Complete all paperwork in accordance with guidance notes and in-house procedures
  • Complete risk assessments
  • Daily check and appropriate use of PPE, RPE and equipment and inform plant manager of any defects
  • E-mail survey reports
  • Log all accidents and near misses and give paperwork to the technical department
  • Authorised persons to complete witness audits and re-inspections
  • Return survey data to office in accordance with in-house procedure and guidance notes
  • Download photographs
  • Available via mobile phone at all practical times
  • Ensure that their company vehicle is kept clean and tidy and well maintained
  • Be familiar with all site procedures
  • Read all relevant HSE guidance documents/legislation and keep abreast of any issues that may affect the asbestos surveying department to ensure CPD
  • To maintain their company vehicle in compliance with our in-house driver’s handbook

Based in the following locations:

  • Yorkshire and Humberside
  • Northwest
  • South Lincoln
  • Norfolk/Suffolk regions

To find out more contact:

(01274) 601021

P401 Laboratory Technician - 1 x Full-time/ 1 x Part-Time

To provide analytical works within the laboratory to ensure that the bulk identification of asbestos is carried out in accordance with current HSE legislation and guidance and to provide support to management to ensure compliance to BS/EN ISO 17025:2017, including:

  • Testing of bulk samples in accordance with HSE HSG 248 “The analyst guide”
  • To ensure samples are stored away safely and in an easily retrievable secure location for 6 months
  • To ensure the fume cabinet and laboratory is clean
  • To ensure cargille liquids are in use date
  • To ensure correct air flow of the cabinet
  • Record their daily work allocation
  • Book in all suspected asbestos containing samples
  • Carry out all other associated duties as instructed by the management team

To find out more contact:

(01274) 601021